A self-proclaimed geek turned freelance medical writer...

I used to be a nerd who found her thrill in her grandmother's 1965 World Book Encyclopedia set. Today, it's not in musty old books where my inner geek finds joy, it's in researching the newest spinal stimulator. Or learning different cellular reactions to the various energy-based devices. Or writing about allografts and stem cell therapy, PRP, and the amazing world of regenerative medicine (how do people not get excited about this?!).

Putting the pieces together in new  ways is what eventually led me down a long and twisted path to becoming a freelance writer that included medical records, mental health, addiction, and even running a small general store and bartending in what was once the least populated county east of the Mississippi River (it still doesn't have a stop light).

When I'm not writing, you can find me teaching yoga at the local library, burying my hands in the dirt of my garden, or working on my backyard farm, maybe milking my goat, playing catch with my dogs, or brushing my ornery mule, Dolly.


If you catch me away from home, it's to watch one of my three kids playing sports (which sport just depends on the season), at my off-grid camp in the Allegheny National Forest, or knee deep in the water somewhere, trying to find a little zen.