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What my clients say about working with me

"Molly was one of my favorite copywriters while I worked at PatientPop! She consistently produced great content for the company's clients, she was open to feedback, and reliably met the deadlines that we set for her. Her greatest skill was taking technically dense information and making it easy for the layperson to understand. 10/10 work - I'd happily work with her again!"

Ryan Cook

managing editor at PatientPop

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"Not only is Molly knowledgeable about topics like firearms, survival and homeschooling, but she's also able to put her expertise into words that translate to any audience. My go-to writer for lengthy guides, I absolutely recommend Molly for her ability to transform complex information into consumable, shareable content."

Meg Kirsic

managing editor at Ammo.com

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"Molly is fantastic.  She is great with deadlines, able to expertly write on a wide range of topics and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!"
Beau Mueller
Founder of Money Wise Teacher
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"We absolutely love providing Molly with new writing jobs every week. Molly's extremely reliable, punctual, and the quality of her writing is exceptional. She produces content ranging from health and beauty, medical and professional services, and many more. Molly is one of our top writers and the caliber of the content she produces for our clients is outstanding! We couldn't be happier to have her as part of our freelance writing team."

Alexandra Pavlos

Account manager at Content Writers

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"Molly has proven to be a reliable, productive, and dependable writer who is easy to work with. Her ability to meet deadlines and create clean copy made her one of my top, go to writers."

Amanda Hatheway

Former editor at Article Cats

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"Throughout all of our interactions, Molly has provided original, quality content that's easy to read, yet provides the technological jargon on our industry. She has met deadlines, proven to be polite and professional, and required little editing or supervision on our part. It has been an easy and wonderful experience working with her."

John Lam

Lead analyst at Flex Surveys